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Widowed at 26, and far from her native England, Emma Banks is beginning to realize the financial devastation created by her husband’s secret addictions. Facing eviction from her cottage on the Steller estate, and morally unable to accept her con-artist parent’s money, she is terrified of being sent to prison. Is a marriage-of convenience proposal from Jonathan Steller, heir to the Steller beverage fortune an answer to her prayers? Still reeling from being jilted at the altar, Jonathan Steller desperately needs a wife and two kids to meet his father’s requirements to be considered the heir apparent to the family business. And prevent his older, ruthless cousin from realizing his dream. Unpretentious Emma strives to adapt to the overwhelming expectations of this socialite lifestyle, but she never expected what would come next…



MY BEST SELLING E-BOOK! Bride of Thistleloch Castle

A young English woman is thrust into the barbaric Highlands of Scotland—to a country that she has been taught to despise. But to stay alive, she must overcome prejudices that have festered for generations. She must accept that the God of heaven loves her. She must wed a Scottish savage.

English woman, Laren Stewart travels with her family to visit their relations in  Scotland only to be forced into a terrifying situation. She finds herself  bartered, wed, and widowed all within forty-eight hours. Now kidnapped by a  rival clan, the barbaric MacLennens, and believed to be the wife of another  laird, she is dragged further north to be held for ransom. Laren, a despised  Outlander desperately clings to the hope that no one will discover her  secret—that she was not wed to the clan chief. All she wants is to go home to  civilized England and to save her sister from her same fate—but when the truth  is revealed about who she is, all that will keep her alive is to agree to a  handfasting to yet another Scottish savage.

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In a world where position and rank are everything, can two souls stand firm in their desires and their faith?

 In the courts of King Louis XVIth and Marie Antoinette, a storm is brewing that will overthrow a monarchy. Caught up in the maelstrom is a young girl, who becomes a pawn in a hopeless attempt to quell the peasant rebellion. But the cost to her is greater than she could ever imagine. FOREVER AND A DAY is a tale of a impoverished girl who is forced to leave her family to live as a pretend princess in the French royal court to appease the growing unrest among the peasants. Unfortunately pretending to be royal requires that she accept a betrothal to an English duke. Now living in the Queen’s House (Buckingham Palace) and awaiting her marriage, she clashes with the duke’s secretary, the man who could reveal her true identity. But when his life is at stake, can she learn to wait the Lord to give her the desires of her heart.

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BLUE AFRICA a historical romance e-book set in British East Africa, 1897.

In the Blue Africa Book CoverVictorian era, when men ruled the scientific world, one woman dared to go against convention. Miss Cassandra Littlemen is determined to capture butterflies and send them back to England, so she sneaks onto a royally-funded expedition dressed as her brother. But to her dismay, she finds her partner is not a doddering old man, but a young bachelor with secret ties to the British monarchy. Will he figure out her true identity and send her home to an unwanted wedding that she is hoping to avoid? Newly knighted and secretly engaged to Queen Victoria’s granddaughter, Sir William Keep, has been sent to Africa to prove his worth. He is unwavering in his efforts to achieve great scientific findings like his famous father. Although this desire has lead him to agree to a royal match and a royal life he’s not sure he is fit for. But first, William must get this headstrong Miss Littlemen back to England before Queen Victoria finds out. But can he do it before he loses his heart to this lovely blue butterfly catcher.

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Christmas Mail Order Brides

Elizabeth Lariby packs up her life of secrets and heads to Nebraska for a new start as a mail-order-bride. But her fiance, Zane Michaels, also has secrets that could doom the new marriage. Can this fragile relationship survive?

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Bride by Christmas

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A Bride By Christmas

Katherine Wiltshire needs a husband to help secure her claim to her deceased father’s land. Charlie Landing, haunted by a criminal past, must prove himself as the new sheriff, and a new wife would sure help. When the two find themselves engaged, can they trust God with their future?


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